ART Etc.... is a staunch supporter of indigenous art that comes directly by using raw material sourced from natural resources like vegetables, stone, clay, wood, fibre and using traditional skills of the regions.

Vegetable dyed block prints
Miniature paintings
Hand painted blue pottery
Hand woven durries

Fantastic award winning artists and skilled crafts people are scattered all over our country and all we at ART Etc.... are doing is bringing their work to you directly.

Being originally Indian

ART Etc... started as a germ of an idea over a nostalgic evening spent looking at our travel pictures through the interiors of India. Two things stood out starkly and ironically in contrast with each other…the poverty on one side and the vibrancy of our handicrafts and our art forms on the other. We couldn't quite sit by and watch this dichotomy without doing something about it! We felt passionately about our colorful rural culture and equally were disturbed by the chaotic and imbalanced development, which was unfolding in front of our eyes, destroying whatever was unique and culturally uplifting in these sectors. So we embarked on this journey of exploration and documentation on video of what we felt was India poised for change but a change that could very well mean the colorful patchwork fabric that is India could become a homogenized plain cloth. And then as we finished our journey we realized that we had to go back and touch base with those artists residing in the remote parts of our country and nudge them into India's growth story so that they are empowered by their skills and our small enterprise to compete in the metro markets without relying on middlemen or dubious agents.

No grand enterprise…no huge promises…but close interaction with artisans ensuring quality and exclusivity. We wish to emphasize that fantastic award winning artists are scattered all over our country and all we at ART Etc… are doing is bringing their work to you directly. We at ART Etc… are staunch supporters of indigenous art that comes directly by using raw material that is as far as possible sourced from natural resources and causing minimum damage to the environment. The products we source are natural products like terracotta, marble, vegetable dyed block prints, kantha work, traditional hand painted blue pottery among others and use traditional skills of the regions.

Mixing the traditional with contemporary kitsch we then proceeded to source our products from today's artists who have made a conscious social choice by working with the underprivileged women or tribals affected by troubled movements in their states , giving them the training and developing their skills to support their brand of art. Diana Linda is an expatriate living in India since the year 2002. She used to work with the international NGO, Medecins Sans Frontiers or Doctors Without Borders for eight years before she decided to follow her passion for designing. Now she crafts a variety of products ranging from bags, fashion accessories, pouches, jewellery, belts, decorated stockings, shoes, ornamental jackets, and home décor items.