Art etc.... is a staunch supporter of indigenous art that comes directly by using raw material sourced from natural resources like vegetables, stone, clay, wood, fibre and using traditional skills of the regions.

Vegetable dyed block prints
Miniature paintings
Hand painted blue pottery
Hand woven durries

Fantastic award winning artists and skilled crafts people are scattered all over our country and all we at Art etc.... are doing is bringing their work to you directly.

Being originally Indian

blue pottery

Jaipur is the home to the world famous glazed blue-pottery. Blue Pottery came to India from Persia originally and was adapted quickly by the royalty because of its exquisite colur, delicacy and..

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The terracotta tradition is dating back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Since then it continues in all parts of the state. A village Molela near Udaipur is famous for its terracotta articles and murals. Chomu near Jaipur is home to two national award wining terracotta artists.

Kailash Prajapati creates small busts and animal forms giving shape to them exclusively by his magical hands and Radhe Shyam concentrates more on giant pots created on the potters wheel but then adds his own touch by painting on them and creating murals on them.

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Different schools of this fascinating art have flourished here since the 16th century, each with its own distinctive style.

The Kishangarh school is best known for its Bani Thani paintings. A totally different style, with highly exaggerated features - long necks, large almond-shaped eyes, long fingers and the use of subdued colours.

The verdant greenery of the Kota-Bundi region is reflected in the paintings of that region. The rulers of Amer-Jaipur were the closest to the Mughals and a strong Mughal influence crept into their paintings.

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Meenakari is basically an ancient form of art in and is famous for the superb designs and combination of colours. The artisans were named as 'meenakar'. The Meenakari is known as, the setting of precious stones into gold and the enamelling of gold. This..

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bollywood hai!

Inspired mainly by India and its vibrant colours, Diana's work spells Mumbai-Bombay- Bollywood with its pop culture, kitsch and drama. Her products feature techniques like collage, patchwork, decoupage, spray painting and embellishment of all sorts. You can find an assortment of traditional Indian handcrafted embroidery, lush fabrics, old Bollywood posters and even saree borders. In one word – her style sense is funky!

Moreover, every piece is handmade or hand decorated with specially selected materials, images and adornments and can be further customised according to client preferences.

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The hand knotted woolen carpets, cotton durries, cotton and jute mixed durries of Jaipur and Jodhpur are famous for their pastel shades with geometrical motifs design. The raw threads are first dyed in various colors and then are hand woven with...

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Rajasthan produces the country's finest marble, sandstone, quartz and slate.

The extraordinary craftsmanship of Rajasthani stone workers is visible in the precisely carved statues, busts, vases, candle stands, lamps & other furniture items and other objects in white marble stone in Makrana are unforgettable.

Handcrafted and hand polished to bring out the inherent grain of this natural stone.

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